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Mecmesin publish a full PDF catalogue of all current accessories. It contains information and advice on choosing the right accessories for your tests, testing standards, and more.

You can download the accessories catalogue here.

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Choosing your accessories

To achieve accurate test results it's important that your sample is gripped and held correctly. Mecmesin provides a wide range of grips and fixtures for use with our force and torque equipment.

Your test sample should be held securely, so it cannot move during testing and without being deformed.

Our accessory catalogue contains a wide range of accessories and you should find exactly what you need. Key specifications (such as load rating) are listed on all of our grips and fixtures.

More information on each accessory is available in the datasheet and diagram that can be downloaded as a PDF. You can find links to these documents at the bottom of the individual accessory page.

Creating custom accessories

For more specific requirements Mecmesin is a specialist designer and manufacturer of force and torque testing equipment, and accessories, with over 40 years' experience.

Mecmesin can design custom grips and fixtures for parts or components with unusual shapes or finishes - if your part is asymmetric, flexible, or moulded, we can help.

Using 3D printing and CNC machining our expert in-house design and manufacturing team can develop precisely what you need.

Speak to one of our experts to find out more about bespoke grips and fixtures.