Welcome to Mecmesin

Mecmesin design and manufacture force and torque testing machines for evaluating the mechanical strength of components, products and raw materials across a wide range of industries.

From easy to use hand-held force gauges to software-controlled tensile testers and torque gauges, Mecmesin has the solution for your tension, compression and torque testing requirements.

  • Guarantee consistency in your manufacturing
  • Accurately test to international standards and industry specifications
  • Increase your productivity and achieve lean manufacturing goals
  • Reduce wastage and material costs

For over 40 years Mecmesin has been delivering solutions for force and torque measurement applications, including tension, compression, shear, flexure, adhesion, peel, friction, tear, weld strength, crush, top-load, torque and closure testing.

Automated testing systems remove tedious and difficult tasks from operators, ensuring greater repeatability of test results and freeing up operators to perform other tasks.

All Mecmesin force and torque testing systems are well suited to production and quality-control environments. Where throughput is high and consistency of mounting the sample is important, they can be configured to reduce the repetitive tasks which can lead to operator error and inconsistent test results.

Mecmesin solutions serve over 10,000 clients across many industries for quality control applications.

Some of the many industries Mecmesin work with include aerospace, automotive, construction, cosmetics, electrical and electronics, engineering, food & beverage, health & safety, medical device, packaging, paper and board, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber, sports and textiles.

Mecmesin force and torque testers - accurate, reliable and affordable