VectorPro® MT software

VectorPro MT software has been designed to work with the OmniTest and ELS-equipped MultiTest-dV ranges of bench-top frames to efficiently perform simple product testing & more complex materials testing procedures.

Its clear, icon-driven workspace ensures it is completely intuitive to use with the minimum of training.

Together with in-built stress-strain calculations and powerful reporting tools, it is the ideal choice for quality assurance checks in the QC laboratory or, for more in-depth analysis of material properties, in the R&D laboratory.

For medical & pharmaceutical clients the database architecture provides audit trail and e-signature functionality to help facilitate compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


  • Icon-driven approach   - keeps the workspace uncluttered and improves the workflow
  • An intuitive, drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface - create even the most elaborate test routines in moments and refine them as you go
  • Touch screen enabled - saves time by not going back and forth to a computer
  • Personalised user-accounts - gives quick access to the tests you commonly perform 
  • ‘Prompt for Value’ feature for a compulsory user-input before performing the test - ensures no essential information is missed
  • Instant pass/fail indication according to your specification criteria - alerts operators immediately so remedial action can be taken


  • Stress-Strain machine control - test materials in tensile, compression, bend and shear by running to a target load, position, stress, strain and break
  • Active load control - load ramping and load holding ensures precise control even when the specimen is constantly changing
  • Basic load control - run in tension and/or compression for general product tests
  • System Deflection Compensation - ensures the most accurate deformation and strain readings when an extensometer cannot be used
  • Permissions-based log-on with password protection - controls who can create or run tests, view results and produce reports
  • Audit trail for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 - keeps an event log of records and allows the supervisor to authorise actions with an e-signature


  • Change graph axes between stress/strain, load/displacement and time - helps to better present and understand the test data
  • Calculate Young's Modulus, Offset Yield, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Nominal Strain and more - identifies key materials characteristics
  • Customise the results table and use the PDF reporting tool - issue reports in the way that you and your customer wish to see them
  • Export data to Excel or other software packages - easily networkable for remote access by supervisors and managers
  • Language customisation - use the same software to seamlessly share data across your company’s worldwide locations
  • Wide compatibility - runs on Windows® 7 and later, 32-bit and 64-bit. Interfaces with Microsoft® Outlook 2010 or above, and Excel 2007 or above.

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