Motorised force tester

Product Tester
MultiTest-dV with AFG

The MultiTest-dV range integrates perfectly with our Advanced Force Gauge, making it a popular configuration for standalone applications that require the capture of a peak load value.

Expand its capabilities by connecting to VectorPro Lite software for presenting data graphically and performing calculations to see test results.

Product image of MultiTest-dV motorised force tester with Advanced Force Gauge for tension and compression testing by Mecmesin
Materials Tester
MultiTest-dV with ELS

The MultiTest-dV range configured with an Enhanced Load Sensor, VectorPro MT software and an optional extensometer, transforms this motorised force tester into a basic materials tester.

This makes the MultiTest-dV the ideal choice for quality assurance checks in the QC lab and gives it the power necessary for more in-depth analysis of material properties in the R&D laboratory.

Product image of MultiTest-dV motorised force tester with ELS for materials testing by Mecmesin
Product image of MultiTest-dV motorised force tester with Advanced Force Gauge for tension and compression testing by Mecmesin

The MultiTest-dV is a versatile and easy to use stand-alone force tester.

Ideal for routine quality control in a production or laboratory environment, with three models rated to 0.5 kN, 1 kN and 2.5 kN.

A motorised test stand can be configured with a Digital Force Gauge for product testing or an Enhanced Load Sensor for basic materials testing.


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MultiTest-dV motorised force testing system, emphasised test frame

MultiTest-dV test frame

A ballscrew-driven motorised test frame designed to apply tension and compression from 2 N right up to a capacity of 5 kN (1100 lbf).

Its versatile construction makes it perfectly suited for testing all kinds of components in a quality control or R&D environment.

Test frame

The single-column MultiTest-i and MultiTest-xt feature a ballscrew-driven motorised test frame, which is designed to apply tensile and compressive forces from 2N right up to 5 kN.

The dovetailed crosshead design ensures operators can quickly and easily attach new loadcells, which are automatically recognised by the software. The base plate of the MultiTest is pre-drilled with threaded holes to directly accept a wide range of grips and fixtures.

Its versatile construction means that the frame has enough daylight to accommodate tall specimens and enough travel to measure the tensile strength of the most elastic of materials. 

Data acquisition and plotting
The MultiTest-dV when configured with an Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) optionally enables you to capture test and performance data through VectorPro Lite, but can act as a standalone tester for peak readings.

Connect your computer
The MultiTest-dV requires a Windows PC to run the VectorPro MT software and interact with the ELS loadcell. Its compact design and small footprint make it the perfect selection as a bench-top device.

Force sensors

The MultiTest-dV is a highly flexible tester,which can be configured with either an Advanced Force Gauge for product testing or an Enhanced Load Sensor for basic materials testing.


A digital force gauge with advanced features to allow simple control of the MultiTest-dV stand. Excellent accuracy of ±0.1% of the gauge capacity.


A precision loadcell which connects directly to the MultiTest-dV stand and communicates with VectorPro MT software to allow sophisticated test routines for materials testing applications.

Product image of MultiTest-dV, with sensor emphasised

Advanced Force Gauge (AFG)

The AFG range of digital force gauges combines perfectly with the MultiTest-dV to create a flexible, standalone force tester.

To ensure that you have the optimum selection to meet your tension and compression testing needs, ten different models are available to cover the range from 2.5 N right up to 2500 N.

Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) for use with MultiTest-dV

Capacity, range and accuracy

Each gauge reads from zero to its full nominal capacity (listed below).

Measurement accuracy is an outstanding ±0.1% of the gauge capacity, eg AFG 100 has full-scale capacity of 100 N so is accurate to ±0.1 N at any point between 0 - 100 N.

Model AFG
N 2.5 5 10 25 50 100 250 500 1000 2500
lbf 0.55 1.1 2.2 5.5 11 22 55 110 220 550
kgf 0.25 0.5 1 2.5 5 10 25 50 100 250

Enhanced Load Sensors (ELS)

The ELS range of interchangeable tension and compression loadcells is specially adapted to the MultiTest-dV and OmniTest materials testers.

To ensure that you have the optimum selection to meet your tension and compression testing needs, thirteen different models are available to cover the range from 2 N right up to 2500 N.

Enhanced Load Sensor loadcell for use with MultiTest-dV

ELS capacity, range and accuracy

Each loadcell reads from zero to its full nominal capacity (listed below).

Measurement accuracy is an outstanding ±0.5% of reading from 5-100% of the loadcell capacity, eg ELS 100 when measuring 10N it is accurate to ±0.05 N or when measuring 50N it is accurate to ±0.25 N.

Model ELS
N 2 5 10 25 50 100 100 200 250 500 500 1000 2500
lbf 0.44 1.1 2.2 5.5 11 22 22 44 55 110 110 220 550
kgf 0.2 0.5 1 2.5 5 10 10 20 25 50 50 100 250

Emperor™ Software

VectorPro Lite background image screen and logo
Vector Pro Lite software test screen loaded on laptop

VectorPro® Lite software

Available as an optional extra to Mecmesin’s motorised force testers, VectorPro Lite is an advanced data acquisition and plotting software package. Call-up pre-stored test routines for tensile and compression testing, present test data graphically and issue test reports.

Simply connect the interface cables from your motorised force tester to your PC, and you are ready to enjoy enhanced testing with the power of VectorPro Lite.

Advanced data acquisition, plotting and test storage

Connected to the MultiTest-dV force tester, VectorPro Lite enables the creation, storage and upload of basic test routines. Easily construct flexible operational sequences using a drag and drop interface and built-in version control.

VectorPro Lite captures live tension and compression test values. These values are used to plot a live graph of force vs time/displacement, helping you to visually identify any events during the test that cannot be picked up through just a peak reading on the instrument display.

A suite of standard calculations to help determine whether your sample has passed or failed, with clear pass or fail indicators and operator alerts.

Generate a graphical report with a statistical analysis of results per batch of samples. Reports can be customised and shared as PDF or CSV with your customer.

VectorPro Lite working interface screen on laptop


The MultiTest-dV is a superior motorised force tester offering outstanding value. Designed for precision-controlled compression and tension testing the MultiTest-dV’s simple controls, backed by sophisticated electronics, make it the ideal choice for a wide range of routine testing.

It improves greatly on the variability encountered with manual testers where tension and compression are applied by hand at varying speeds. By applying force at a constant speed, whilst gripping the sample in a uniform manner, the motorised MultiTest-dV significantly enhances the repeatability of test results.

Operators can perform routine batch testing with excellent throughput, minimising testing time, and benefitting from the convenience associated with these motorised tensile testers.

The MultiTest-dVcan be configured at two levels:


Test to a target displacement limit or, when using any one of the Mecmesin range of Advanced Force Gauges (AFG), to a load limit or break.

Add VectorPro™ Lite software to a MultiTest-dV with AFG, for data acquisition, plotting of graphs, calculation of results, plus reporting and exporting of test data.


Fit a dedicated ELS loadcell and connect up to VectorPro MT software to use your MultiTest-dV as an entry-level materials tester.

Control your whole test sequence with simple, step-by-step programmes. Perform both standard calculations like peak, load at displacement and more complex calculations such as Youngs Modulus, and offset yield strength.

Test frame

The MultiTest-dv is a versatile single-column, motorised tester designed for ease-of-use by operators of all levels. There are 3 models in the range with ratings of 0.5 kN, 1 kN and 2.5 kN and offering a crosshead travel up to 1200 mm (47").

Each occupies minimal bench space and are ideal for applying tensile and compressive forces in a variety of applications.

It delivers superior performance via its control panel and multifunctional control wheel, which allows the precise selection of test parameters such as speed and target force/displacement. Coloured LEDs clearly indicate the machine status during testing and operators can effortlessly follow the progress of the test from the force & displacement panel.

For more in-depth recording and analysis of test data, the MultiTest-dV can be connected via its USB output port to VectorPro Lite advanced data-acquisition and plotting software package.

Adjustable safety limit switches are fitted to ensure that specimens cannot be stretched too far or grips crushed together.

The MultiTest-dV is fitted with a dovetailed crosshead for quick and easy interchange of force gauges or loadcells. Grips and fixtures can be rapidly fitted to the anvil plate which is pre-drilled with threaded holes for easy connection.

With each model weighing around 25kg (55 lbs) its compact design and small footprint make it an ideal bench-top tester for use in the quality-control laboratory or production area.

Force Gauge

The Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) is a self-contained device comprising an internal loadcell and its own display.

There are 10 models ranging in capacity from 2.5 to 2500 N (0.5 - 500 lbf) each featuring an impressive measurement accuracy of ±0.1% of full-scale.

The AFG is positioned on the crosshead of the test frame via a dovetailed fixing and continuously measures & displays tension/compression, whilst simultaneously capturing the maximum peak readings in the background.

When the AFG is connected to the MultiTest-dV via an interface cable it can transfer the displayed 'live' load reading to the front panel and perform basic control of the test. This is achieved by configuring settings within the AFG to send a signal to the test frame to 'stop' or 'stop and reverse' when a load limit or specimen break is detected.

Tension and compression values obtained by the AFG can be transmitted directly to a PC or printer for the recording of results.

Alternatively, force readings are combined with displacement readings within the MultiTest-dV and sent to the USB output port to create a data-package, which is accessed by VectorPro Lite software for plotting graphs, calculation of results and creation of test reports.


The Enhanced Load Sensor (ELS) is positioned on the crosshead of the test frame and communicates with the MultiTest-dV for precision testing of materials when combined with VectorPro MT software.

There are 13 models ranging in capacity from 2.5 to 2500 N ( 0.5 - 500 lbf ) and all are fully interchangeable with their calibration characteristics being immediately recognised by the MultiTest-dV. This ensures that you have the optimum selection to meet all your materials testing needs without the need for lengthy set-up.

Measurement accuracy is an outstanding ±0.5% of reading.

Gripping fixtures

Holding your test specimen in place without it slipping is essential to obtaining repeatable results. Mecmesin have an extensive range of grips and fixtures to hold a variety of components and materials. They include wedge grips and vice grips for tensile testing, compression plates and bend jigs, friction tables plus many more.

Product brochure

Discover more about the MultiTest-dV motorised tensile and compression testers in our product brochure.

Key specs

Tension & Compression

Available loadcells (all measure from zero to the value indicated in the table below)
Model AFG 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.5 3 6
N.m 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.5 3 6 1 2 3 10 15 30 60 0.9 1.8 2.7 9 13 26 50
Model ELS 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.5 3 6
N.m 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.5 3 6 1 2 3 10 15 30 60 0.9 1.8 2.7 9 13 26 50

±0.1% or ±0.2% of full scale depending on loadcell selected



Units of measurement

mN, daN, N, kN, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf

Sampling rate

1000 Hz, 500 Hz, 100 Hz, 50 Hz, 10 Hz (user selectable)


Maximum displacement

see crosshead travel of test frame


± 0.013mm per 300mm travel ;  ± 0.005" per 11.8" travel  


0.01mm (0.0004")



1 - 1000 mm/min ; 0.04 - 40"/min (0.5kN to 2.5kN models)

1 - 500 mm/min ; 0.04 - 20"/min (5kN model)


±0.2% of indicated speed


1 mm/min ; 0.04"/min


Crosshead travel

1200 mm (0.5kN),  1000 mm (1kN),  500 mm (2.5kN),  590 mm (5kN)

47" (0.5kN),  39" (1kN),  20" (2.5kN),  23" (5kN)

Throat depth

67 mm ;  2.6" (0.5kN to 2.5kN models)

95 mm ;  3.7" (5kN model)


1710 mm (0.5kN),  1510 mm (1kN),  941 mm (2.5kN),  1082 mm (5kN)

67" (0.5kN),  59" (1kN),  37" (2.5kN),  43" (5kN)


290 mm ;  11.4" (0.5kN to 2.5kN models)

328 mm ;  12.9" (5kN model)


414 mm ;  16.3" (0.5kN to 2.5kN models)

526 mm ;  20.7" (5kN model)


38 kg (0.5kN),  36 kg (1kN),  22 kg (2.5kN),  38 kg (5kN)

84 lbs (0.5kN),  79 lbs (1kN),  49 lbs (2.5kN),  84 lbs (5kN)

Common specifications


230 V AC 50 Hz or 110 V AC 60 hz

Operating temperature

10 - 35°C (50 - 95°F)

Humidity range

Normal industry and laboratory conditions, non-condensing


Digital I/O

6 input, 6 output (TTL)

Output of test results to PC/printer/datalogger

Yes - Includes auto-export to Microsoft Excel. Also data-export via RS232 port (direct or via USB/Network converter in ASCII format)


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