The calibration bracket is designed for verifying the accuracy of the CrimpTest-1 kN loadcell readings. For the user, this ensures that a unit does not continue to be used with inaccurate readings across its range. The main bracket should be bolted to a suitable work platform. The CrimpTest-1 kN is mounted vertically, and locally-calibrated masses (not supplied) added in order for a stepped series of load readings to be taken. These can be compared for tolerance with a table of standard limits.

Supplied with all necessary bolts and two clamps.

A locally-calibrated mass hanger and mass set must be procured separately.


CrimpTest-1 kN calibration bracket
CrimpTest-1 kN calibration bracket and mass hanger


DS-1166-02 CrimpTest-1 kN Calibration Bracket DS-1166-02 CrimpTest-1 kN Calibration Bracket

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