A versatile gripping fixture to hold containers when conducting low-force pull-off tests on closures and other fixings (eg. flip-cap lids).

4-pegs hold the container on an adjustable lead-screw and the knob secures the container tightly in place.

Suitable for tensile test up to 100 N.

Supplied with modified base plate to allow fixing to the base of a motorised test stand. Suitable for containers of 10 - 78mm diameter.


Small Container Holder (4-peg adjustable), 100 N, 78 mm
432-493 Small container holder cosmetics application


Container Holder (4-peg adjustable) DS-1107-04-L00 Container Holder (4-peg adjustable) DS-1107-04-L00

Verwandte Teile


100 N
( 22 lbf )

Verbindungs typ


432-493 Container Holder (10-78mm) Iss 02 432-493 Container Holder (10-78mm) Iss 02
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