MEC36-196-St :-

Square compression plate in hardened steel featuring concentric circles for helping operators to place samples centrally. Also supplied with 4 fixing legs to support the weight of the steel plate. Suitable for hard specimens such as metals, hard plastics, small stones and granules.

Dimensions: 196 x 196mm

Fitted with QC-20mm or 32mm female connection. Please specify on order.

MEC36 is a fixed compression plate. For self-levelling compression plates see model MecS 223


Mec36-St square phosphated hardened steel compression plate, QC fitting
Square Phosphated Hardened Steel Compression Plate, 100 mm, QC fitting with self-levelling equivalent


Compression Plates, Rectangular, QC fitting Compression Plates, Rectangular, QC fitting

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6.6 kg


Mec36-XX-XX Generic DIMLESS Mec36-XX-XX Generic DIMLESS
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