MEC 240k- S20+kO (body only) :

A pair of pneumatically-operated, single-action Medium Vice Grips with an opening of 0-20mm depending on the jaw types selected. Each grip is fitted with 1 manual jaw holder + 1 x 50 mm diameter pneumatic piston.

This configuration allows a jaw to be manually set in a position to align a test specimen around the central axis. The other jaw clamps the specimen in place via the action of the pneumatic piston applying up to 1.2 kN constant clamping force

An extensive collection of interchangeable jaws provides excellent gripping characteristics to ensure that a variety of materials and components can be securely held. Jaws sold separately.

Mec205 series footswitches or handswitches are available to operate pneumatic grips - order separately.

Fitted with QC-20mm hole for connecting to loadcell or base of test stand.


Pneumatic Vice Action Grip with 1 pneumatic rod, 20 mm capacity, pair (without jaws), QC fitting, web version
Mec240k vice grips wave jaws fabric application


Pneumatic Medium Vice Action Grips, QC fitting Pneumatic Medium Vice Action Grips, QC fitting

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Load Rating

1 kN
( 220 lbf )


Quick Change
20 mm


500 g
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