MEC11-50 (Body only) :

Scissor-action grip rated to 50 kN fitted with QC-32 connection. Locking function allows grip to remain open when inserting specimen.

Spring tension provides enough clamping force to prevent the specimen from slipping when initially inserted.The rated tensile force changes according to the opening width. The larger the opening width the stronger the grips tighten the specimen allowing it to be pulled to break.

Interchangeable jaws (sold separately) provide excellent gripping characteristics to ensure that a variety of materials and components can be securely held.

Most commonly used for testing high-ductile plastics and elastomers.


50 kN scissor grips, pair, no jaws, QC fitting
Mec11-50 and Mec11 blank jaws application


Scissor Grips, QC fitting, DS-1057-02-L00 Scissor Grips, QC fitting, DS-1057-02-L00

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Load Rating

50 kN
( 11,000 lbf )


Quick Change
32 mm


9.1 kg


Mec11-50 Scissor Grips DIMLESS Mec11-50 Scissor Grips DIMLESS
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