Wedge Grip for terminals for CrimpTest-1 Tester (supplied as standard with Tester)

The 1 kN Wedge Grip is ideal for tensile testing of flat crimp terminal and connectors when determining their pull strength.

A spring-loaded lever ensures the serrated jaws are easy to open (max. 8mm) for fast securing and release of specimens. As load is applied, the self-tightening action of the wedge jaws ensures the terminal is held rigidly without slippage.

For fixing to CrimpTest-1 Tester


CrimpTest-1 large web grip, web version
CrimpTest-1 kN with large wedge grip
CrimpTest-1 large wedge grip, unmounted

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Load Rating

1 kN
( 220 lbf )



432-607-1kN Wedge Grip Large95.65 KB 432-607-1kN Wedge Grip Large
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