The large chain link assembly (long) and hook are used to attach to a variety of objects, which are otherwise difficult to hold.

The chain is 1 m long and is supplied with a clevis fastener at each end. Into one end is screwed a large test hook, which typically serves to secure one of the links of the chain after wrapping around the test sample.

Typically used for tension tests in manual handling and ergonomic assessment.


chain link and hook assembly
432-410 Chain link and hook assembly application
Chain Link and Hook Assembly, 2.5 kN, 5/16 UNC


Chain Link and Hook Assembly Chain Link and Hook Assembly

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Load Rating

2.5 kN
( 550 lbf )


First thread
Aussen / 5-16 UNC


432-410 Chain Link Hook Assembly 432-410 Chain Link Hook Assembly
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