A Cone Point probe of Ø 8mm with angle of 60°.

For compression testing of various components or materials up to 500 N.

Typically used where compressive force needs to be applied at a point or for penetration into a material over a short distance.

Fitted with a 10-32 UNF female thread for connection to loadcell


cone point probe, 60 degrees, 8 mm, 10-32 UNF
keyboard key press with probe
cone probes


Cone Points DS-1012-02-L00 Cone Points DS-1012-02-L00

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Load Rating

500 N
( 110 lbf )


First thread
Innen / 10-32 UNF


2 g


432-(358,359) Cone Point Probes DIMLESS 432-(358,359) Cone Point Probes DIMLESS
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