Used for flexible samples such as films, where conventional flat-faced grips may create stress points and so artificially reduce tensile strength. Samples are wrapped around the roller thereby spreading the load around the diameter.

Grips are supplied as a pair. Each grip is fitted with a clearance hole and delivered with a 10-32 UNF cap-head screw for fixing to the base of test stand and to a loadcell.


film grips, 500 N, 10-32 UNF
432-157 Film grips application


Film Grips Film Grips

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Load Rating

500 N
( 110 lbf )


First thread Second thread
Aussen / 10-32 UNF Aussen / 10-32 UNF


150 g


432-157 Film Grips 432-157 Film Grips
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